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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is DATS?

    DATS (Disability Action Transport Scheme) is a local urban transport service for people with disabilities or for those who find it difficult using mainstream public transport. Membership is free but a fare of £2.30 is charged for each trip taken.

    Bridge Accessible Transport operates the service in Derry/Londonderry.

    Disability Action is responsible for operating the Transport Service throughout Northern Ireland.

  • How do I become a member of DATS?


    You can request an application form by phoning

    Disability Action on 0845 608 5555.


    • You will need to complete a membership application form and meet the criteria for membership.
    • You must become a member before using the service.
  • When is the Service Available (DATS)?

    The service is available from 8.00am until 8.00pm daily Monday to Friday and from 9.00am until 5.00pm on Saturday and Sunday.

    On Public Holidays there is limited or sometimes no service. You will get details of public holidays when you join the scheme.

  • How do I book (DATS)?

    When you become a member you will receive a telephone number for bookings. The booking office is open from Monday to Friday from 9.00am to 4.00pm (excluding Public Holidays).

    You can book a trip up to seven days in advance of the day the booking is requested. Members can request their trip on the day they want to travel but it is recommended that trips should be requested at least 24 hours prior to date.

  • Where can I go (DATS)?

    You can travel anywhere within your entire operational area, you will be sent a map when you join the service.

    From time to time you may wish to travel outside your operational area, but priority will be given to those members wishing to travel within their own operational area.

    Click here to view the Derry/Londonderry Operational Area

  • How much does it cost (DATS)?

    As a new member of the Transport service, you can book your first single or return trip within your operational area for free. After that, all single trips within your operational area are charged at £2.30 per trip.

    Children under five years of age can travel free and those aged between 5 and 16 will be charged half fare.

    Anyone aged 17 and over will be charged at the full rate. Children under the age of 11 must be accompanied by an adult.

    Concessionary travel through the Northern Ireland Concessionary Fares Scheme is not available for these services.

  • Who will pick me up (DATS)?

    All our drivers have been fully trained in transporting people with disabilities. We use a range of vehicles to deliver the service and depending on where you live it might be a bus, accessible vehicle or a car.